Free solo piano piece (new album in the works)


A friend of mine recently gave me the idea to create a solo piano album. I thought it sounded like a fun project, so I composed an ad hoc piano piece. I’ve enjoyed working on it so much that I’ve already written and recorded three pieces in three days. Now that the album is officially underway, it’s high time I introduced it to you, along with a free track to give you an idea of where this is headed. About the solo piano album This album, titled “The Marks It Makes,” is an exploration of time and its effect on a human life. … Continue reading

A warm winter day at Garden of the Gods

It has been brutally cold here in Colorado Springs, which has allowed for some nice winter photography (albeit a numb face). But last weekend, when some friends from Washington state came into town, we got a nice respite from the cold as we explored the famous Garden of the Gods. Garden of the Gods: epic red rock formations Garden of the Gods is nestled at the base of Pike’s Peak on the west side of Colorado Springs. There are hundreds of stunning rock formations to climb and explore. Here are some of the photos I took. Rock formations like this … Continue reading

Bible verse art from the book of Jeremiah

This week, I illustrated Jeremiah’s theme verse: See, I have appointed you this day over the nations and over the kingdoms, To pluck up and to tear down, To destroy and to overthrow, To build and to plant. (Je 1:10) In case you missed my last theme verse post, I explained a little more on the timeline of this project. I’ve resolved to keep up with‘s weekly book summary email course with a corresponding piece of art. There was a lot of text and information to try to get into one drawing with Jeremiah’s theme verse, but the lines all … Continue reading

Proverbs 30: the art series begins

20150120-Proverbs 30 1

As we stepped into the new year, some of you helped me prioritize what my next project would be. Most of you put the series of art pieces based on Proverbs 30 at the top of your list, and today the project has officially launched! It’s exciting for me to be making something I know many of you are interested in.  I hope you enjoy following along. Planning for the Proverbs 30 art series To get the project in gear, I spent some time reading and re-reading the surreal poem, trying to narrow down my medium and art style. I … Continue reading

25 drawings made with a free iPad app

I invested in an iPad several years ago mostly for travel.  You can do a lot with an iPad, and it doesn’t take up much space.   When I made that investment, I didn’t realize that I would find a sketching app that could turn my iPad into the most expensive sketchbook ever. In case you want to check it out, the app is called Paper—this isn’t an affiliate link, I just think they made a cool thing (that’s also free). Here are 20 sketches I’ve made using the app exclusively; most of them were made absent-mindedly, either on an airplane … Continue reading

Results are in! What’s on the horizon?

At the end of 2014, many of you gave me feedback, ranking six possible projects from what you were most excited to see me make to what you were least excited to see me make. Your ranking results are in, and I’ve put together a little chart to show you how you voted. The lower the number, the fewer of you ranked the project toward the top of your list. There was a lot of variance in how you all voted: every project got ranked #1 at least three times. While there was a very clear winner, you all displayed enough … Continue reading

Bible verse illustration from Obadiah

obadiah theme verse-3499

A little while back, I started a series of art pieces illustrating the theme verse of each book of the Bible.  You can see the illustrations I’ve put together so far on my Theme Verse Illustrations series page. There wasn’t much of a method to which verse I chose to illustrate at what time when I started. But at the beginning of the new year, we launched a new project at that’s going to keep me making a theme verse every week. The bigger project behind the illustrations Jeffrey and I started an email course that gives subscribers a summary … Continue reading

Colorado Springs pictures: snow in suburbia

snow in suburbia-3473

One of my favorite things about a snowy day is the perfect lighting it provides for winter photography. The snow clouds diffuse the light of the sun so that the whole sky seems to be glowing at the same intensity, and the white snowflakes on the ground, trees, and rooftops reflect back.  Soft light comes in at every angle. This is my first winter here in Colorado Springs. It’s snowed many times, but it’s typically been this sandy, dry snow that blows away as soon as it falls. This week, we had a different kind of snowfall. It stayed between … Continue reading

35 photos from Kenya for perspective on the new year


When the new year rolls around, I like to spend time thinking through experiences and recognizing ways I’ve changed because of them. I don’t have a very reliable memory, but I’ve archived tens of thousands of photos over the years to help me remember. A topic I get caught up on regularly in my introspection is having an inflated perspective of my problems—and being surrounded by that inflated perspective in middle-class America. When I was a sophomore in high school, I drew a few comics for the school newspaper. I was embarrassed that, of all the tragedy going on in the world, all my … Continue reading

Win an original drawing: help me decide what’s next

A few weeks back, I shared a drawing exercise I use to improve at identifying light and shadow in artwork. It’s an exercise I’ve been using for several years, and I thought I’d let you in on it so the artists among you could try it out for yourselves. My end result was this colorful abstract portrait:   Lots of you gave me positive feedback on the drawing. To thank you for your encouraging feedback, I’m picking one of you to send it to for free. How to enter the drawing giveaway Right now, I’m working on narrowing down my next project, and … Continue reading