Theme-verse illustration: the making of (time-lapse video)

3 John Theme Verse

My second theme-verse illustration is complete. The verse is from 3 John: “I have no greater joy than this: to hear of my children walking in the truth.” Don’t let the time-lapse fool you: these drawings take a whole lot longer to make than the charcoal author portraits. Here’s the … Continue reading

You might not have heard of this Bible author (video)

Last night I made another portrait for my Bible authors series.

I drew a portrait of the author responsible for these verses in Proverbs:

Surely I am more stupid than any man,
And I do not have the understanding of a man.
Neither have I learned wisdom,
Nor do I have the knowledge of the Holy One. (Pr 30:2–3)

His name is Agur.

The timelapse video captures the drawing from beginning to end, including my setup process.

New series: Bible-author portraits (video)

I’m collaborating with Jeffrey at the Overview Bible Project by making illustrations of each author of the Bible.  Check out his article that covers each author here.

I’ve got ten of the author drawings finished already.  I’ll be adding the whole collection to this gallery as I complete them.

Last night I set up my camera and filmed the creation of the Solomon portrait.

The music is a piece I originally wrote for three trumpets—but recorded with three voices instead—called “Shadow Waltz.”

Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Four Oil Pastel Figure Sketches (Video)

Today I broke out of iMovie and into Adobe Premiere Pro: a much more legit video-editing platform.

In order to give myself some footage to play around with, I set up my tripod, pulled out my newsprint, and did some figure drawing exercises (if you’re working on improving your drawing skills, I highly recommend the practice).

There are a few key principles I’ve come to stand by while learning new software in particular.

One of them is from Voltaire: “perfect is the enemy of good.” I know I’ll have a better eye for “perfect” as I get my bearings, and bogging myself down in miniscule tweaks is the quickest way to burnout I know.

The other one is just imagining myself building mental stepping stones. When I’ve built one stepping stone, I have a better vantage point to build my next one. If I try to jump around from feature to feature, I scatter my attention and don’t end up with anything real to stand on.

In this case, I focused on simply the workflow of the platform. Because of that, I didn’t try anything fancy. There’s a lot of possibilities, and getting burned out by them is the worst thing for learning.

The music in the video is an adaptation of a composition I wrote for cello and piano. I took a digital spin on it.

Here’s the result:



Beartooth Pass: an unforgettable drive


This gallery contains 18 photos.

If you’re looking for pictures taken from one of the most beautiful drives in the US, you’ve come to the right place. On our trek from Washington to Colorado, Jeffrey and I made sure to hit up the insanely gorgeous mountain road that wound us across the Montana-Wyoming border a few … Continue reading

Liminal things

Liminality—the ambiguity between concrete phases—has always fascinated me. I’ve been conscious of its presence in my life since I was six or seven.  I didn’t know the word for it then: I just called it “the in-between.” I remember reading The Phantom Tollbooth (still one of my favorite books) and The Magician’s … Continue reading

Hymn Art: Mistakes + Grace

My seventh piece based on How Firm a Foundation is complete (or so I thought). The lines for this piece are as follows: “When through fiery trials thy pathway should lie, My grace, all-sufficient, shall be thy supply.” After watching a video course on the foundations of typography, I learned … Continue reading

New: free apostles ebook!

Apostles on iPad

You may have seen the series of apostle portraits I labored on earlier this spring.  That was only a small part of a bigger project. Jeffrey Kranz, the guy behind the Overview Bible Project (who also happens to be my awesome husband), wanted to create a resource for getting to know the 12 apostles as part … Continue reading